Pottery classes in Torrelodones. Clay and much more.

Estudio Terracota opened its doors in Torrelodones in 2017. This new space (c / Camino de Valladolid, 34), was born from the concern of three women, entrepreneurs and full of energy and enthusiasm.

The common factor that united Eva, Alejandra and Ana, the three coming from the world of communication (a sector that they bravely left behind), was to build a creative space where the same spirit they share was breathed: slow life, a style of calm life, focused on developing the work that makes them happy and away from the current frenetic pace.

With their hands as their main tool, they consider themselves new artisans. They add to their pieces the contemporaneity of design, an added value that makes a difference and distances them from production in series: their pieces, as you can see in their ceramic classes, and in their furniture and decoration, are all unique ones.

Estudio Terracota

As Eva and Alejandra comment at Estudio Terracota: “the most gratifying thing about this initiative is, in addition to the calm that handwork provides, having managed to create a relaxing space where the students disconnect from their daily reality and rush, and problems are left outside the door ”. 

Some are interested in potter’s wheel classes, while others prefer to start with manual ceramic modeling. In these ceramic courses, with hardly any knowledge, the student enjoys from the first moment as he can quickly see results; in addition, the pieces of both Eva and Alejandra, for sale in the physical store and online, serve as a magnificent example. The huge world of glazing and of different types of clay is exciting, and provides many surprises and emotions. Eva points out, “the imperfection in the shapes and the spontaneity of the glazes, gives each of the pieces a great personality.”

But the Estudio Terracota project is more ambitious; They plan to offer a variety of courses in Torrelodones such as flower arrangements, basic monographs on rustic basketry, intensive macrame courses, to become a creative center where learning while enjoying is the objective.

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Eva Sand Calidad Web-Natalia Ibarra-553-9I1A7934-

Monthly ceramic classes

Hours: We open groups according to demand. Current groups on Thursday and Friday mornings, and Thursday and Friday afternoons. Saturdays punctually for monographs, private events, birthdays and celebrations.

Prices for monthly ceramic classes: € 25 group subscription + € 80 monthly fee for 8 hours per month (2 hours per week), low-temperature materials and firings included. If the month has 5 weeks it would be 10 hours and the price would be prorated upwards. To come more hours, please contact us.

Write us or call us for more information, we love receiving proposals!

Email: hello@evassand.com
Phones: 640 814 489 (Eva) and 617 646 502 (Alejandra)
Address: Camino de Valladolid, 34. Torrelodones.

Our ceramic courses, the best therapy


Eva's private workshop

If you want to do a private course in my studio, you can hire a One2One session lasting 3 up to 5 days, to learn various techniques and disciplines of my work.

This private course takes place in my home studio, where you will have access to everything you need to learn everything you want to know about what I do, and that you can put it into practice later, or simply spend a few hours or the most relaxing days making pieces with me.

This private course is called “Introduction to contemporary rustic ceramics”, and you will have the option of learning from modeling and glazing techniques, to basic pieces made on the potter’s wheel. All this in a quiet and natural environment, since my studio is located outside the center of Madrid, so you can enjoy the environment away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, without losing the opportunity to get closer to the center for sightseeing during the free hours.

Should you have any questions regarding the price of the course or any other topic, please do not hesitate to send me an email at hello@evassand.com.



Eva's Club

Join Eva’s Club to get my latest news and especial offers directly in your email.

You will get free access to my private area with video tutorials to learn different techniques to made your own ceramics.

Eva's Sand press


La cerámica es versátil, a Eva le permite crear joyas como esta con detalles en oro de 24K.
Si te ha gustado, puedes encontrarla en nuestra tienda online.

#hechoamano #ceramicamadrid #ceramica #joya #oro24k #inspo #joyeriaartesanal

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¡Creatividad llamando! es hora de reservar tu plaza, no esperes a las buenas intenciones de septiembre, ¡la mayoría de grupos están a punto de llenarse!

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Aprendemos y también nos reímos. Evádete del mundo en nuestras clases.
Elige el horario que mejor se adapte a ti, ¡date prisa! en algunos grupos solo nos queda una plaza 🙃
Miércoles de 10 a 12 o de 11 a 13h.
Jueves y viernes de 10 a 12, de 12 a 14, de 17 a 19 y de 19 a 21h.
#hechoamano #ceramicamadrid #deco #ceramica #cursoceramica #claseceramica #ceramicaartesanal #Torrelodones #torno

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Crea tus propias piezas en nuestro taller, paso a paso con la ayuda de nuestras maestras. A mano o en torno, ¡tú decides!

#ceramicamadrid #deco #ceramica #cursodeceramica #cursodemodelado

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Una de las cosas que más me gusta de mi trabajo es crear piezas especiales para hostelería. Tiendo a imaginar que cada una de esas piezas va a vivir muchas vidas en un mismo espacio, formará parte de reuniones de amigos, citas románticas y celebraciones varias.
Aquí veis el paso a paso en el torno de unas jarritas de soja que estoy preparando para un restaurante muy especial ¡pronto veréis el resultado!

#hechoamano #ceramicamadrid #deco #ceramica #madeinspain
#loveceramic #instapottery

176 7

Reinassance ✨
#arte #ceramic #ceramicart #textura

36 0

My new love ✨💗
#ceramic #ceramicart #contemporaryart #tecnicamixta #mixtechnique

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Work in progress for FREEdom and REvolution ✨
@ownvalue_agencia .
#art #artwork #ceramics #ceramica #decor #artist #ceramicvase #uniquepiece #limitededition

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Encargos cerrados

Durante las próximas semanas no se podrán pedir productos por encargo en la tienda. Los productos en Stock siguen disponibles igual que los cursos de cerámica que realizamos en el estudio.

Disculpa las molestias.