Foodies photography

If you like to cook and you also like to do culinary photography with a beautiful culinary stylism, and you want to rent beautiful 100% handmade tableware, you can write to me at, and tell me all the details than you would need.

If you are thinking of publishing a recipe book with beautiful and different culinary photography, I would love to collaborate with you! Wouldn’t you like your recipe book to be special, with artisan tableware and handmade ceramics? Go ahead and try the tableware rental!

If you are a chef and would like to present your creations and recipes with a handmade tableware in your restaurant, do not hesitate to write me at for all the details. I will love creating a handmade tableware from a recipe, or vice versa!

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Encargos cerrados

Durante las próximas semanas no se podrán pedir productos por encargo en la tienda. Los productos en Stock siguen disponibles igual que los cursos de cerámica que realizamos en el estudio.

Disculpa las molestias.