1. Does EVA’S SAND carry out custom / personalized orders?

Yes; You just have to contact me in the email above, or via Instagram, and tell me what you would like.

From mugs, plates, platters, glasses, bowls, spoons, in the number of pieces you need. Initials, names, important dates, messages can be engraved for you, your partner, friends, or to give birthday gifts, requests, weddings, events and special moments. Everything you can think of!

2. How long would it take to receive my order?

I’m starting with this dream, so I am going little by little, setting up my workshop to create everything you like.

If it is a custom order, it can take about 8 weeks from the time we agreed, delivery time apart. Keep in mind that each piece is made by hand and takes a multi-step process, including drying (which is the longest part), glazing and generally two firings. Handmade pottery requires a lot of love and patience.

If the props are available in stock, only the delivery time to the address you indicate.

If it is a very large order, write me and we will talk to agree on the times according to the processes.

3. What is the policy on shipping and returns?

Normally I take great care of every detail when wrapping an order to limit possible damage as much as possible, and I take my time because I also love the ritual of wrapping them, but anything can happen. I do not accept returns, but if a piece does not convince you when you receive it, or it has been broken during transport, let me know and we can try to agree on a solution.

Do not forget to read the conditions on returns and shipments that you will find in the online shop.

4. Are the pieces suitable for daily tableware?

Yes; all are suitable for any recipe you want to savor (there are no excuses for not cooking!).

In addition, although the ideal and advisable thing is to take care of the dishes by washing them by hand (something that almost nobody likes …), I confirm that all the pieces are suitable for dishwashers, microwave ovens and oven at a maximum of 200º, unless very specifically stated otherwise in each description.

5. Props have an “imperfect” or “irregular” look or finish; why?

It is completely intended to show all the purity of the handmade. Imperfect textures and finishes have always caught my attention; which for me precisely reveals all the effort and the process of creating a completely unique piece, rustic and with all the charm, far from industrial and standardized manufacturing. In addition, the exciting thing about this world is seeing how glazes and colors evolve differently depending on how they are applied to the clays that I use, which often makes me get interesting and precious surprises once each piece is finished.

But if you want some pieces with a more precise finish, I can also make them on the potter’s wheel, finding them in stock or on request.

It is very important that you know that the pieces may suffer variations in shape and color with respect to the product shown in the photos, since no piece will ever be the same as another. 

6. How can I pay in the online store?

In the online store you can use two different forms of payment:

– Paypal account

– Credit card

7. Can I order props that are sold out in the online store?

Yes, and the delivery time would be the same as for a personalized order, which will vary between approximately 6 and 8 weeks. You only need to send me an email with your order, and I will confirm it as soon as possible.

8. Can I visit your studio-store in Torrelodones?

Sure! You can see how I work and everything I do in my studio-store at Calle Camino de Valladolid 34, in Torrelodones (Madrid). To make sure I’m there, it is better if you let me know beforehand, just in case! 🙂

Anyway, any questions you have, please write to me at hello@evassand.com, or through my account on Instagram. I’ll be waiting for you!

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Encargos cerrados

Durante las próximas semanas no se podrán pedir productos por encargo en la tienda. Los productos en Stock siguen disponibles igual que los cursos de cerámica que realizamos en el estudio.

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