Eva's Club: Online tutorials

Welcome to my online tutorials!

This is a space that I have created for you, so that you can comfortably learn different ceramic techniques and tricks with me, whenever you want.

You can find free ceramic video tutorials to get started in the basic techniques to make your own basic pieces at home. You will only need clay, and some basic tools easily replaceable if you cannot find them, such as rollers, sponges, cloths, cutters, etc.

Please do not distribute or reproduce these videos outside of my website without permission. You can write me for any topic at hello@evassand.com.

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Encargos cerrados

Durante las próximas semanas no se podrán pedir productos por encargo en la tienda. Los productos en Stock siguen disponibles igual que los cursos de cerámica que realizamos en el estudio.

Disculpa las molestias.