EVA’S SAND started this journey in September 2016, after many years of pursuing an idea that I always had: owning my work, loving it, and getting out of the maelstrom of the current frenetic rhythms of life, to regain the reins and get carried away by the so-called “slow movement”.

After almost 10 years in large companies in the digital marketing and advertising sector, and having achieved a more than good position in my last company, I decided that it was time to break with everything to be able to be 100% myself, and jump into my creative side.

I’ve always loved ceramics, but especially since my grandmother used to walk me through the small kitchen shops as a child; plates, bowls, platters. I liked to touch them, notice their textures, the designs.

This change did not happen overnight, nor did I get away from hearing a few times “how crazy are you doing”. But there are more words of encouragement and admiration that I have been collecting, which together with the motivation and the idea of ​​being able to do what I like, are making this project progress.

After several courses and classes with renowned potters, and a lot of constant self-learning, I am happy to share all this experience with you.

Clay, porcelain, all its shapes and possibilities, from a rustic piece made entirely by hand, to a delicate and perfect piece made in the potter’s wheel, the fabulous and magical world of chemistry and glazes, are now part of my new slow universe slow, full of sensations, satisfaction and freedom.

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Eva's Sand

EVA’S SAND, or “Arena de Eva”, was born during a summer vacation in Mallorca, finding myself absorbed in ideas and thoughts observing the shore on a beach, and how the white sand and the water melted, forming that rough and shaped imperfect clay.

Each piece is unique, and that imperfection in the forms and spontaneity in the glazes gives each a great personality, a mixture of the natural with contemporary design.

Every day millions of people use plates, bowls, spoons, and that is why the inspiration for each piece also comes through different countries, cultures, gastronomic rituals, which invite you to enjoy with all your senses about different culinary and decorative creations and presentations.

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Join me in this new adventure:

You can buy my pieces on request or in stock.

We can share workshops together.

You can have my pieces for decoration of events and special moments.

You can have my pieces as props for beautiful photo shoots.

We can design pieces together from an idea, a recipe … or vice versa.

And many more ideas and collaborations that will emerge if we chat!

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La cerámica es versátil, a Eva le permite crear joyas como esta con detalles en oro de 24K.
Si te ha gustado, puedes encontrarla en nuestra tienda online.

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¡Creatividad llamando! es hora de reservar tu plaza, no esperes a las buenas intenciones de septiembre, ¡la mayoría de grupos están a punto de llenarse!

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Aprendemos y también nos reímos. Evádete del mundo en nuestras clases.
Elige el horario que mejor se adapte a ti, ¡date prisa! en algunos grupos solo nos queda una plaza 🙃
Miércoles de 10 a 12 o de 11 a 13h.
Jueves y viernes de 10 a 12, de 12 a 14, de 17 a 19 y de 19 a 21h.
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Crea tus propias piezas en nuestro taller, paso a paso con la ayuda de nuestras maestras. A mano o en torno, ¡tú decides!

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Una de las cosas que más me gusta de mi trabajo es crear piezas especiales para hostelería. Tiendo a imaginar que cada una de esas piezas va a vivir muchas vidas en un mismo espacio, formará parte de reuniones de amigos, citas románticas y celebraciones varias.
Aquí veis el paso a paso en el torno de unas jarritas de soja que estoy preparando para un restaurante muy especial ¡pronto veréis el resultado!

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Reinassance ✨
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My new love ✨💗
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Work in progress for FREEdom and REvolution ✨
@ownvalue_agencia .
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